Teachers and parents can use these activities in the classroom and at home to teach kids
about basic environmental impacts, the ocean, currents, recycling, and pollution.

Play Turtle Travels
Theme: Marine Life  |  Ages: 7-12

Follow the story of a baby sea turtle navigating the ocean, then learn what you can do to reduce human impact on sea turtles.

screenshot from turtle travels

Play the Dolphin Game
Theme: Ocean Litter  |  Ages: 7-12

Follow the story of a dolphin who is sick from all the litter in his home, then learn what you can do to prevent trash in the ocean.

screenshot from dolphin game

More activities coming soon!

Social Responsibility

cargo ship anchored in the harbor

APL Maritime, Limited is committed to sustainability and sets out guiding principles for improving environmental performance.

APL aims to minimize the environmental impact of its growth and prove that rising global trade and a healthy planet can be compatible aims.

APL is on target to reduce its carbon exhaust emissions by 30% by the year 2015 across its global operations. An influx of new ‘green’ vessels featuring the latest energy saving technology and operated at reduced speeds gives the carbon exhaust cuts significant impetus.


See how the students at Poolesville Elementary School in Maryland experience the online activities.


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APL Maritime Limited (based in Rockville, MD) operates a fleet of large container ships throughout the world. As a corporate sponsor, AML managed and supported this project.

Poolesville High School Falcon Logo

Poolesville High School (based in Montgomery County, MD) is a nationally recognized magnet program. Seniors with the Global Ecology House created the project's concept and story.

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d’Vinci Interactive (based in Hagerstown, MD) creates interactive learning programs for a wide variety of ages and clients. As a corporate sponsor, d’Vinci designed and developed this project.